Ireland's health service


You have to sell your soul


Rubeotic glaucoma as a result of a medical conditio I have.


So I brought the young fella for his eye check up this morning, nearly four weeks after his op. All good arsa an dochtúir. Ran a few checks on the little fella. Delighted with his progress, see you in 3 months for a final check type thing.
So In the 5 months since he went cross-eyed we saw the specialist, got him prescribed the glasses, trialled the glasses to no avail, had him operated on and he’s recuperated, hopefully fully. He’s no longer cross eyed and the Doc says it looks like his brain is taking signals from both eyes again. You’re ok to go swimming again she said, and his eyes lit up. fucking delighted.
Meanwhile, the original appointment we managed to get through Temple st for August was put back to November. And public would have been even longer.
A big shout out to @Robert_Emmet for his help. Everyone needs a good bloodhound. And especially @flattythehurdler who is an absolute gent of the highest order. He deserves the country manor in Limerick.


Brilliant, brilliant news. :clap:


Great stuff Juhy. :clap:


and even then you’ll be lucky to come out of it with your life.


How are you afterwards @Fitzy


Must have been a pain in the bollix for you all the same, Labour not being in power and not being able to get the young lad bunked up the public list.


At least the kid can see the rats better now.




In pain.


Sorry to hear that. Any relief at all?


I only get the blisters once a fortnight or so and they don’t last too long but they’re a pain in the arse.


The blisters aren’t on you arse are they?


That’s another story…


Everything that’s wrong FG will stay in power


@chocolatemice would Mary Lou improve health


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, Joe.


Yes or no


Youngest one got a nasty dog bite today, right on the joint between the thumb & fingers, it swelled up nicely and she had no feeling in the thumb, index & forefinger.
After a call to the VHI nurse 24 hour line we headed to the A & E in Limerick, full to the fucking door of traveling community members, I mean literally full up with the cunts. They all knew each other and treated it as a social gathering, their injuries were slash, glass and fall related, all from what I could gather was a birthday celebration last evening.
Thankfully Mrs Bradley knew an A & E nurse that gave us preferential treatment and we were in and out in less that 40mins.
The whole health service is no doubt clogged up with bastards like this that refuse to pay their way.
I’m in shock here tbh.