Irish People Poppy Watch

Official thread to track poppy wearing:

Shay Given, pundit on Sky Sports tonight for Newcastle game - no poppy.
Those twins, X-Factor last night - poppies.
Ben Shermin, all week - poppy.

Louis Walsh - on xfactor - poppy

That’s actually just a disguise for the secret camera he wears when going into the twins’ changing room.

heard a lad in work saying he saw a few leinster fans wearing the poppy in the RDS on saturday night…


Daire O Briain Jonathan Ross Fri night no poppy

I doubt there’s any diguising there.

Eddie Jordan on the BBC on sunday at the F1…no poppy.

Shay Given in Man City kit on Sunday - No poppy.

I take that back, Shay will most likely be wearing it next weekend it seems.

There will be plenty of discussion surrounding the Barclays Premier League clubs who have put a poppy on their match shirts to commemorate Remembrance Sunday - and those who have not.

So far, 12 clubs out of the 20 in the top flight have asked for permission to do so either last weekend or next. They are Arsenal, Birmingham City, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Hull City, Manchester City, Sunderland, Spurs, West Ham, Wigan and Wolves.

Birmingham, under new Chinese management, are even auctioning off their poppy shirts, which they wore for one half against Manchester City, in aid of the British Legion.

A Premier League spokesman said: ‘The Premier League and the FA allow clubs to embroider a poppy on to their playing shirts. This is one of many ways that the Premier League support the Armed Forces.’

Manchester United, the country’s best supported club, are one of the eight not on the poppy list, but they are not helped by having a red shirt which makes the poppy emblem difficult to pick out.

A United spokesman said: ‘We don’t think it’s particularly necessary. We sell poppies around the ground and all our officials wear them and we work with Armed Forces charities in a lot of other ways throughout the year.’

What’s wrong with wearing a poppy? A lot of Irishmen fought and died in the First World War.


Alot of Irish people were made shit of by those of who the poppy is worn!

A lot of Irishmen have raped people, let’s wear something to commemorate them.

A lot of Irishmen have done a lot of stupid things. I don’t think they should be commemorated for them, especially when the stupid thing involved killing in the name of an oppressive regime which was, at the time, and still is, occupying our country.

we shouldnt commenerate Irishmen that choose killing innocent turks as their career - they shamed our nation

The freedom of little Belgium was very important to lads from Buttevant.

Maybe they could wear a green poppy…

true but the traitors that invaded turkey for a few shillings didnt count on johnny turkey been ready , he primed himself well

Where do they sell the white ones?