Irish soccerball nil - That boy Jinky will save us (Part 2)

Ye, Ferguson isn’t a bad looking kid but come on like…

Would he not give the Galway footballers a year?

Szmodic is our James Maddison. IN

Look up the list of the last 20 championship top scorers. A real who’s who. Literally

I don’t think there is necessarily any correlation between being top goalscorer in the Championship and being a top player; all it means for certain is that you’re a good Championship goalscorer.

Recently, the likes of Mitrovic, Pukki & Toney were top goalscorers and good Premier League footballers too. I just don’t see Szmodics as being anywhere near their level, which is a pity.

Daryl Murphy was also a top scorer one year…

Luca Toni you say?

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Hardly a late bloomer either just late to the Italy squad really.

I think that had more to do with the insane amount of strikers they had in the early 00s

It’s the most difficult league to score in as well

Around 2002 they had Vieri, Totti, Del Piero, Inzaghi, Montella. Luca Toni was always good domestically but had too much of a queue ahead of him


Jonathan Hill gone. Good riddance.

Bring back dela


This is a chance to take a breath around the head coach role. Leave JOS in place until the autumn.

League thriving & Debt Reduced

A good legacy

Next man in should devleop LOI stadiums & underage facilities

after him, the next guy should focus on appointing a manager of the MNT


So the FAI develop the stadiums instead of local councils?

i dont think FA’s generally develop stadiums mate, they will work with clubs & councils to get this done

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So you’d like that to change, for the FAI to take it over?


he shouldnt be allowed to post on Oirish football threads yet he still can

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The war is over, Dela has won