Is canabis a gateway drug?


Where the fuck are they getting the money for it?


They’ve been backing my tips


It’s become so popular again there must be some shite around. Good quality stuff usually costs a fortune.
Dirty fuck of a drug, turns usually sound people into complete cunts.


Yes it’s absolutely everywhere now.


It’s impossible get weed these days I find.


Weed is fair scarce lads. I know of lads gone back smoking fucking Hash.

Is this a Munster drought or is it a Nationwide issue?


I don’t think you’ll get Mary Kennedy to cover it mate


A load of young lads ran riot in Abbeyfeale after being thrown out of the teenage disco for taking drugs :open_mouth: Must be easier get drugs in West Limerick than Colombia at this stage.


Sinn Fein councilor

“There was definitely an incident, a large enough incident that I had a number of people calling me who were very concerned. It seems as though a number of the people involved are not from the town. They had come here for an event and caused trouble after,” said Cllr Brown.

The shades

A spokesperson for the gardai confirmed there was “one juvenile was arrested under the public order act” but denied that there was a large scale incident.


I’d say a few lads were having the craic


Them kids today huh … it was never like that in our day … or so someone around here says anyway