Is shiny happy people better than how soon is now? The REM thread

[LIST][]R.E.M Ive Been High and Losing My Religion Acoustic[/LIST][LIST][][/LIST][LIST][]English[/LIST][LIST][]LINK[/LIST]

Ive Been High is an utterly brilliant song, one of REM’s best…

Great to hear the acoustic version - cheers Larry…

Losing My Religion is up there with my favourite music videos.

Just out In the car there. Ed Smyth is having an REM special on today fm. 37 years since their first gig. Inviting callers to name their favorite R.E.M. Tune. Nice show.


Don’t go back to rockville probably, although they have a very impressive catalogue.

One of the first gigs i ever went to in slane in 94/95.dont think ive been to a better gig since


Saw them in Croke Park in 1985 supporting U2. Like Waterford in 2008, the occasion got to them. I wouldn’t fault them.

I saw them in the Simmoncourt pavilion in 1989 in their pomp on the Green Tour. They were outstanding.

My favourite REM tune is a little tune tucked away on Fables of the Reconstruction - Good Advices.

Michael Stipe is one of the great if not the greatest front men in the history of Rock.


Without doubt.

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I love murmer from start to finish, my favourite album. Favourite song varies all the time. Swan swan H is a classic. World leader pretend from green. If I had to call it however I’d plump for Drive, most underrated song of the 90s imo.

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His voice is the bands best instrument.


There was a “best of” , issued by old record label,when they moved label to Warner.
It’s was fantastic.

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Saw them for the third time in Marley park 2003 and they played exhuming McCarty… an absolute belter of a tune. They were great for throwing out a hidden away classic you wouldn’t expect to hear live such as so central rain at slane which was my highlight of that day. After Liam Gallagher got canned obviously!

Shiny happy people was their best song.

Just listened to “make it all OK” there. No music needed.

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The best band ever, simply.

Let Me In would be my favourite track of theirs.


[quote=“Fagan_ODowd, post:7, topic:2839, full:true”]
I saw them in the Simmoncourt pavilion in 1989 in their pomp on the Green Tour. They were outstanding. [/quote]

Saw them on the same tour, magnificent. Literally impossible to pick a favorite song, a top 20 would be difficult. I’ll go with You are the Everything off Green which they played that night, during the first encore of three in a 34 song set.

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Probably the most intelligent song title ever.

It is a belter, as is its preceding song on Document, Welcome to the Occupation,

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Fuck off, it’s a serious contender for worst.


Setlist from the night I saw them in 1989. Moon river I remember to this day.

Setlist from Croke Park. 1985.