Is Your Job Recession Proof?

Our leader announced to the nation on The Late Late Show the other night that we were experiencing a big fook off recession.

Then he said a few platitudes that he’d probably learned off earlier about ‘the ingenuity of our people that helped to create the boom will equally allow us to overcome the current problems’ and such like.

My question is, will the recession impact your employment? Are we fooked?

as someone that will have to enter the working world in roughly 9 or 10 months time i have to say i am slightly worried about this…wouldn’t mind drawing the dole for a few months but would rather a good steady wage…what industries will be hit the hardest…presume manufactoring is as good as doomed and most labour intensive/low skilled jobs…

I have a quailification so I should be alright.

Although my current place of employment is directly related to the strength of the economy so that is far from certain, particularly as I am seeing redundancies going on all over the company…

As an aside I felt that Cowan came across well on Friday night. Don’t know what else he could say really to be honest…

I don’t know. Paddy’s seem less inclined to go for the low skilled low wages jobs - which is most likely was served by Trainne with Supervisor (Both Asian) at a filling station in Booterstown on Friday.

I don’t think its as big a deal as it was to fook off to London for a couple of years. I’d imagine there will be shed loads of low skill/labour intensive jobs over there in the build up to the Olympics? The price of air travel is still incredibly low relative to the 80s - which apparently was a bad time for our country? I dunno I had a great time in the 80s. Things have gotten progressively worse since meeting Bandage in the 90s though.

I can safely say i couldn’t give a fook about the recession. If and when it starts having a material impact on my life then i’ll worry about it, or not. Job is safe in that the recession won’t affect my employment status; my incompetence could become a bit of a hindrance though.

In the words of MC Hammer. You can’t touch this.

I started Arts in UCD today as a mature student so I’m alright for a while anyway<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif

Though I might find it difficult to get a part-time job somewhere now I think about it…

I realised that most of the people in my lectures were 10 years old when I first started college. Frightening. They’ll be bugging me asking me what World Cup 94 was like, nevermind Italia 90.

They won’t speak to you. Old freak!

Arts as a mature student? You’re fucked, recession or no recession

Im working in a massive growth area at the moment, Im safe for next 24 months at least

Sex industry?

In front of or behind the camera?

[quote=“Bandage”]Sex industry?

In front of or behind the camera?[/quote]

fluffer only

3 years at this and Im made

Should be okay but you’d never know. I’m contracting so it’s all about the client. Though the company I’m with have a great relationship with the parent company.

Civil Servant - I reckon if I tried my very hardest to get let go I probably wouldn’t be able to do it!

in construction so definitely not altho i survived the cut before black friday

In one of the big companies that is in the news a lot at the moment, but not on the manafacturing side. It’s worth waiting to be paid to go at this stage.

Well I’ll probably be writing full time within the next yr so I suppose I’m as proofed as I make myself; but then again I’m a Grade VIII so …

I put in a good shift today. Not a chance I’ll ever get the bullet when I’m applying myself like this.

Our market is Europe and its driven by EU legislation so we should be safe - saying that I’m getting the urge to fuck off for a year though and remind myself of what good weather is like.

dunno about that, my probation is up in november so hopefully before the 3 % thing comes in