"It could have been me" - Claim a spurious link to high profile tragic incidents or disasters

Marchioness river boat disaster, London, August 20th, 1989:

I was in London when this happened. Had I been 10 to 15 years older and working in merchant banking in London, I could have been on that boat.

It could have been me.

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[QUOTE=“Sidney, post: 1124742, member: 183”]M7 motorway mass pile-up, March 27th, 2007:

Fog caused up to 40 cars to crash into each other on the M7 Dublin-bound lane. One person died. At this time, I was travelling in the opposite direction.

It could have been me.[/QUOTE]
This is a shit thread Sidney.

I left Phuket two days before the tsunami. I was due to land in Japan just a few days after their tsunami.

Madrid bombings, March 2004:

I went to Spain four days after the bombings and travelled on a train from Barcelona to Valencia. Had the bombers decided to bomb either Barcelona or Valencia railway stations instead of the one in Madrid, and chosen March 15th rather than March 11th as the date, it could have been me.

Better luck next time @Sidney

I was lucky, Cyril.

I commend his perseverance and commitment to be fair.

You’ve had a charmed existence @Sidney

Glasgow bin lorry disaster, December 2014:

Just five weeks before this tragedy, I walked through the exact spot where it happened.

Just five weeks separated me from being run over by that lorry.

It could have been me.

In Glasgow 2003 I had the same chicken curry and beer diet as @thedancingbaby[/USER] for the 36 hours preceding the Celtic v St mirren game. The chicken was definitely off. Just before we walked to the stadium I went into the jacks at a Burger King and witnessed a very loose discharge. 2 hours later I watched my good friend [USER=48]@thedancingbaby shit his pants and compound the problem by confronting his disbelief by reaching into his jeans to check. He then smeared the excrement on his face as he tried to wipe his tears away. It could have been me.

I played soccer with Eds McCarty as a kid, I also stole Gary Campion’s tennis racket, I lived 5 doors up from Thomas Stewart… Any of these murderers could have turned on me. It could have been me… I also sat along side Roy Collin’s brother in School.

You weren’t messing about the spurious part @Sidney

I was in Oireland when a hardware shop in Clonmel was nearly closed down in the 90’s

A massive asteroid hit planet earth just 65 million years before I was standing on that planet - a mere blink of the eye in terms of the age of the universe.

It could have been me.

I knew an oul fella who was “supposed to go on the Titanic but didn’t”.

Did he lose his ticket to a spikey young loveable roguish American fella in a card game just before it was to sail?

[QUOTE=“myboyblue, post: 1124667, member: 180”]I was at The Smashing Pumpkins gig where the Cork girl died.

It could have been me.[/QUOTE]
i was at the chemical brothers at the the electric picnic when the lad from cork died

it could have been me

I was in America once. I heard a load of people got shot over there. Close escape.

[QUOTE=“artfoley, post: 1124964, member: 179”]i was at the chemical brothers at the the electric picnic when the lad from cork died

it could have been me[/QUOTE]
I don’t even remember a Cork fella dying at the picnic.