IT Professionals, Guilty

Is there any AI tool that can read a Word copy of functional requirements and generate test scripts based on same?

I’d imagine thats Windows Copilot, that’s more for the operating system.

365 CoPilot is the one that will do the heavy lifting in the office apps.

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Where’s @Ceist when you need him?

No answer.
She must be upset….

Early morning install here to deploy some key functionality that will make rich men north of Richmond even richer.

Yeshwanth & Madeg are doing their damndest to stay awake here but its clear they are burned from a week of Diwali celebrations. They are mad for the cricket, the cunts and have a big day planned for the WC final on Sunday.


Any of you cunts in here software developers with a background in IIoT? Looking for a steer on something if possible. Will pay 10 likes on your next 10 posts.

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Are they in mourning since Sunday?

Does it involve a raspberry pi?

I mean, it could? Am told it’s an option.

M2M with all reporting to a cloud platform

what do you need?

I need to figure out who and what is the best direction. Have met with and talking to a number of groups, all with their spin on why their route is the best option.

Have only a small bit of experience in this field but recognise once I commit to something, will be difficult or even perhaps terminal to turn back

Looking for someone who could suggest best route based on options laid out/being submitted

fire me on a DM if I don’t know, I know a lad who will, he developed automation for a device that regulates his insulin so he doesn’t even have to think about it


Another year of far flung roll outs and deployments - this will be number four in the rollout and in my opinion these swedes are the gold standard. Cutover is about as seamless as it gets.

Indians don’t arrive onsite til week 3 and 4 due to visa issues, so should be a very clean deployment - not thrilled about having to be on site at 5am Monday morning though.


Do you think you’ll stay going with all the travelling? Did the sojurn to Oz work out at all?

I’ve to go to Cork next week.

Australia is the first half of 2025 - only impediment is that the mother in law has a health scare at the moment so waiting on the prognosis - will be the deciding factor.

It is Canada after this which i will give a skip to, then Switzerland in June, then two possibly three US sites in tandem towards the end of the year.

I work remote 9 days out of 10 and then travelling is normally for concentrated blocks of 3 or 4 weeks at a time 3 or 4 times a year where I can get home at weekends usually.



ChatGPT-4o is unreal.

Full over and back voice conversations.

Who owns “Nothing”?

Carl Pei who founded One Plus set it up. Not sure of ownership structure.