Italy - a failed society

Endemic racism
Significant support for the far right
Endemic corruption
Failed economy
North-South divide
Lowest birth rate in Europe
Ageing population
Dramatic decline of the national football team
Interference from Rome to protect paedophile priests

Could everybody please lay off Italy?

sorry mate - looks like the only two things they can hold onto are the two ch’s - chippers and charreria - it’s a sad state of affairs that it has come to this

maybe facing up to the problems rather than hiding from them might prove beneficial to the country in the long term

Italy gave us opera and carbonara. What more could we reasonably ask for?

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All previous Italian campaigns in Africa ended in humiliation so it’s hardly a surprise that this one has as well.

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If only Dunph had given us that advice…

id say the italians must be pissed off with their team. they let themselves down badly by not having any attacking flair. they must be seething. I had a holiday there last year but apart from that have no real conection with Italy so maybe someone with a closer connection could speculate on the national mood?

my boys the argentinians are doing very well - it seems like its spring for them. my great grandfather is from BA so obviously it means a lot to me to see them doing well



How are your Basque guys doing NCC?

fuck you fooley, fuck you

very well

Ah triffic. :smiley:

:lol: every now and then your mildly entertaining.

Eh, Scipio Africanus.

Some life story.

Superb full pivot for @The_Selfish_Giant

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There are branches going here, there, and everywhere on that family tree


A tragedy. RIP.