Italy - a failed society

Fuck, that’s a huge expanse. From reports I was only imagining a small section

Hopefully the weather picks up by next week.

200m section.

Was built in the 1960s but there was reconstruction work carried out in 2016. It collapsed during heavy rainfall.

That’s the 2nd time today you’ve been disproved on Italian rainfall

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They’ve got form on this. Infrastructure is in bits. That’s what happens in an utterly corrupt society. We should be worried over here…

Struck by lightening an Irish eye witness says.


Italy’s governing populist party wrote off safety fears about the motorway bridge that collapsed on Tuesday killing dozens of people as a children’s “fairy story”, it has emerged.

The Five Star Movement (M5S), which has been leading the country’s government since earlier this year, has made political capital out of opposing major construction and infrastructure projects, which often draw opposition in Italy because they can be disruptive to local residents.

In 2013 a statement on the party’s website described warnings of “the imminent collapse of the Morandi Bridge” as a “ favoletta” , an Italian word meaning a children’s fantasy tale or fairy story. The bridge collapsed on Tuesday killing at least 39 people and severing the country’s A10 motorway.

The statement has since been deleted from the party’s website, but a cached version is still visible online. It was drawn up in opposition to the “Gronda di Genova”, a major infrastructure project to improve the motorways in the city region that included work on the now collapsed bridge.


My impression of the Five Star Movement is that that’s exactly what they are - a sort of party of Mattie McGraths, absolute bullshitters.

Salvini however is a really dangerous cunt. If he plays his cards right this disaster should be manna from heaven for him as it gives him an opportunity to use his vilification tactics on people who actually deserve it - though his coalition partners will not be among those he targets. More importantly, it gives him an opportunity to try and pin blame on those who are not to blame but on whom it’s politically convenient for him to do so. He’s already tried to blame the EU for the disaster. This is the sort of stuff cultists love.

Then he’s portrayed as “a man of action” and a “straight talker”, “a man who gets things done”, all the entirely predictable bullshit that these far right cunts like to portray themselves as and which the desperate for ratings and readership media will likely play along with. Then when the public have been conned by his spiel, he can really ramp it up against immigrants and the EU and bring the sort of chaos that nutcases like him are desperate for.

There’s nothing that aspiring fascist dictators love more than disaster. It opens up a world of opportunity for them.

Is it a far right conspiracy which involves the vilification of the ‘other’, mate?

What I’ve written above is a basic description of far right political strategy, mate, not a conspiracy theory, although I’m not suprised you can’t tell the difference.

Though populist right-wing bullshit does love conspiracy theories. I’d guess it’s probably one of the main reasons you’ve bought so fully into it.

And few love conspiracy theories more than those that make up the current Italian government.

No, mate, it’s just your broken record playing again.

Both Socialism and capitalism have failed guys.
We need a revolution

Same lad that poured the concrete for this got the spurs gig

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Top barb, mate, top top barb. I’m not sure how anybody could ever come back from that.

Are you sure it wasn’t the same guy who got the Manchester United gig? After all, his attitude is to just stick any old shite into the mixer.

Ive never met a nice itilian…they are all cunts

They have a great history. They were tramped over by every European power, every plague and every misfortune, yet still managed to produce the best of food, music, painting, craftsmanship and sculpture.
They’re not a country or a people in any unified sense of the world or word. They’re a bunch of parishes and principalities who lord their own particular speciality over their neighbours’ own particular speciality. It’s a mentality born out of trauma, love, the need to survive, pride and the urge to be the absolute best. Napoleon fucked up their guild system and the best of what they had to offer. The prick. Then left wing politics finished the job and twisted the knife in ways that philistines and dilettantes can’t appreciate.
At their best they showed the world how to trade, build, play and pray. A great bunch of lads.
In terms of culture they put the Irish in the ha’penny place.
Slag the Italians again and I’ll puncicate you.