Italy - a failed society

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What a post. Tfk had a gap in the market for an angry Nordie Italian.


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this is like something that would happen in Ireland, they’d get money off europe to build a road and then drink half it and build the road half arsed with what ever money was left, like the time they had the turks building the ennis bypass and the m7 out of limerick, sure it started sinking into a bog after 6 months. I’d say the mafia was involved here, I doubt there was even reinforcement in the concrete


Once all the bodies buried in the concrete started to decompose it became fierce unstable

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Encasing steel cables inside concrete - not the way to go.

Italy for the Italians, but no Roma in Roma, say the fascists.

It’s easier to understand how the shameful treatment of Moise Kean happens given the wider context of acceptance of racism in Italy.

What has Roy Keane’s father got to do with this ?

Lots of fantastic things about Italy. It’s hardly a failed society. No worse or better than Ireland. I remember in the early 00s going to football matches in Rome when I was there for a stint, and the racism from all around the stadium was every time I went. I was at the infamous Lazio Arsenal champions league game where most of the stadium abused Viera.

The food and wine is beautiful in Italy. I plan on proposing to my future wife in verona.


She [quote=“AppleCrumbled, post:56, topic:12060, full:true”]
The food and wine is beautiful in Italy. I plan on proposing to my future wife in verona.

Good idea as you will be close to the regional hospital .


Italy is in serious bother economically and will become a basket case if there is a serious EU recession. Unemployment is at 10.5%, growth at essentially zero and govt debt at I believe 130% of GDP.

Agree it’s a spectacular country to visit.

You hear the same about Spain, that it’s fucked, but I’ve been to Andalucia many times, well, around Granada anyhow, and anyone I met seems to be doing ok. Granted, they’re not earning much, but it’s all relative. They still get to go abroad on their holidays, and have excellent health care. Again, it’s only a small circle of people, who all have 3rd level education, that I’m basing my opinion on…
I’m as bad off in Dublin as I’d be in Italy I’d say.