It's grim up North

I am sure someone will post in the lookalikes thread / Liam Gallagher / Ian Brown…

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A red letter day for the McAnespie family. Justice served after a long wait.


Good news.

Delighted for Aidan McAnespie’s family; hopefully the verdict can provide them with a bit of closure.


Have these cunts no shame…

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You’d think they’d at least leave a phone number or email address



Long time since I saw anything like that

He’s a pity

Never heard of that or just don’t remember

A fine cross section

Well there are plenty of graves and grieving families in south Armagh who continue to suffer on a daily basis. And it was the state which brought suffering to our homes,” he said.

That girls a friend of my son’s woman
And is normal
A silly thing to do maybe
But easy down here in the nice cosy cosy free state to castigate a person who’s a product of her environment
Ohhhhhh BTW ohh ahh up the RA

Be it South Armagh or Sandy row ppl were affected
Down through the generations

A nice sweep seeep there

It’s true though
Like it or not
We’ve all got different opinions on the war
But those who lived under John bull for decades it’s left s mark
No one escaped the fear,worry, stress etc etc
Inconvenience and watching your own ares being run down
Inequality, reaction to same,
Madness at times
I’m including all be they Jaffa/ green

It was a pathetic act, are you defending it?

Chanting that chant in the face of a victim of IRA violence is reprehensible and there is no excuse for it.