It's grim up North

That paranoia has existed and guided them for over 300 years - think of the all island population 200 years ago almost outnumbered 10 to 1. It’s the one true real culture

Siege mentality always in the background

V horsey looking

Mad auld read. She’s a lundy to the loyalists now.


So the NI Protocol might stop the Rwanda bill.

You couldn’t make it up. The lads in the tents will be heading back up to Belfast and across the sea in no time.

UI is coming


Did Rwanda sign up to the Rwanda bill?

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Boards ie PSNI recruitment, absolute scum sectarian British murder machine and lick holes down here joining the cunts,
No wonder the country’s fucked

I’d be heartbroken if Lord Kilclooney’s larger than life Twitter persona turned out not to be real.