It's grim up North

We’ll take one of each thanks, if they’re going. Mad things is, we still have the railway tracks of a train that ran right up to our coast that was discontinued in the 50’s if I remember right. It’s backwards we’re going.

That’ll make a great cycle track

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Read an article a while back about ballsy sorts (cc Sindo circa 2010), who work in hybrid roles as far away as Dublin, taking advantage of property price disparities between the jurisdictions & buying property in the likes of Newry. Not necessarily investment properties but principal private residences.

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There’s great value relatively speaking in the leafy areas of Dublin. Wages in Belfast are about 35 per cent less and no tech money.

Not too many cheap properties in the North mate, particularly in the desirable coastal areas. There are a very substantial wealthy middle class and builders in the North, who have purchased these along time ago. Sure they own half of Donegal too. A fair bit of Mullaghnore in Sligo as well.

I see 3 bed room apartments in Portrush going for £950k. Dont see too much value there. Loads of houses in Bangor for 1 million plus.

You might get a nice 3 bed red brick terrace in East Belfast for a reasonable sum, good luck with your lambeg beating neighbours.


A song by comparison to Dublin if you believe in a UI

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Sure our own sewage system is a shambles. You think we ll do a better job on the 6. Nice one mate

It’s now a widely used walking route, funded by a cuntload of grants.

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Cheap as chips properties in Derry city. They’ll balloon in price if there is a united ireland.

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Time to invest in Crossmaglen. Cc @Corksfinedtboy

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Wouldn’t have the entrance fee😊
Era I’ve a son n grandson there, might throw me a bone

Belfast absolutely reeks.

You keep saying that, i think you juat got unlucky with sewer works, or a flood maybe. Whereabouts where you?

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City centre. My lass was there two weeks ago and said the same unprompted.

I hope the hegemonists on the forum learn the lessons of history and don’t repeat them.

Hopefully you ll make a few bob buying and flipping properties after the reunification.

I’ll leave this here