Ivan Yates

This fellow is a serious dose. Keeps cropping up everywhere.

yeah- he is pretty tedious

I admire the man greatly. Where has he popped up now?

Vincent Browne

sure the likes of vincent brown love getting his view… seen as he left Fine Gael when he could of been their next leader to give more time to his bookmakers business

The likes of Yates laughs at us all. Like him or not, he made his money taking money off the likes of us. Now he’s just chilling out talking about stuff the rest of us talk about in a pub.

I admire him, i’d love to pull that shit off.

he has had a tough enough year - http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/finance/2010/0507/1224269865634.html

what kind of online presence do they have in Ireland? Presume most people back online these days with the bookie offering the best price though considering publicity powers share price that may be incorrect

he is a wanker

Anytime I ever met him he was OK. He pops up on the Stena line to Holyhead from time to time too.

He was on who do you think you are a few weeks ago. Comes from serious stock in fairness to him.

Yeats never took money off me.

Me either. I’d be afraid I’d bankrupt him. Better to go after the bigger players.

I’d like to be known as the man who broke Ladbrokes

Yeats did an excellent job deputising for Vinnie last night and I generally find him him to be a relatively alright sort for a former Fine Gaeler.

Kev, you haven’t a clue. The bookies has nearly hit the wall several times in the past 12-18 months. He’s working in the media to earn money as he’s not earning anything from the main business so he needs something to fall back on if it does go to the wall.

They’ve no online presence and that’s been their biggest mistake. They let everyone else jump ahead of them and never caught up. Then they bought out Molloys a few years back and opened up the phone account side of their business but it was about 4 years too late. He tried to get into the UK as well and opened 2 in Wales but they’ve lost him money. His strategy was always too cagey, you’ll usually find most of his shops are within a 10 minute walk of a Paddy Power or Boyles shop. He never tried to create a new customer base for himself, he always tried to steal them from others.

despite being a blueshirt i find myself tolerating this cunt most of the time.

although for someone who badly needs a job in media as you suggest its strange that no more than a wet week in he demanded Newstalk reshuffle their breakfast show to accommodate him having a extra hour in bed.

A wet week = 1 year?!

He knew Claire Byrne was on the way as well so probably knew that Newstalk wouldn’t want to lose him as well so he could negotiate a better deal with them.

Mac standing up for Yates :rolleyes:
Get ta fook

Just cos you regularly turn your back on your home county and town doesn’t mean the rest of us will :stuck_out_tongue:

wasn’t impressed with him this morning attacking the guy representing unmarried fathers. Think he was just stirring the shit for the sake of it and was not listening to what the guy had to say.

How were the club championships a the weekend?

Oh that’s right you “weren’t bothered going”.

Townie cunt sticking up for a Church of Ireland cunt