Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Invermectin & Molnupiravir

This is a thread to keep the board updated regarding developments on therapies for the COVID-19 epidemic. There’s significant interest in the anti-malarial drugs Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine, with studies having been done in France and China, and clinical trails already started in several countries including the US.

This is a paper from China, for those who don’t believe anything out of the US. China is adding Chloroquine to it’s treatment regime, based on it’s efficiency and safety.


Lad that investigated serious diseases for the CIA and fbi said he could create a vaccine overnight.
The only issue is would it be harmful or safe to be used as a remedy.
Apparently this disease has been in the making the last couple of years.

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A vaccine for a corona virus is a bit elusive, we have no vaccine for the common cold and no vaccine for SARS almost 20 years later. Now maybe not much effort was put in as the cold is so common and SARS never caught on.

This virus has been in the making for billions of years, the little cunts are always on the lookout for new hosts.

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You started another thread to make an obscure point about what you’ve already posted elsewhere?

Dungeon this shit. Gobshite.

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I put a podcast on the the wuhan thread with joe Rogan and this guy ornstead.
He reckons there may be another virus spread with white tailed deer and ticks they have

Fuck up you bogtrotter, there’s about 5,000 posts a day on the other thread, a thread dedicated to treatments for COVID-19 is more than worthwhile.



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science (5)


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This is like the headline to a daily mail article


You mean Lyme disease

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Does vodka and tonic? Not a Gin fan

And the answer to a Daily Mail headline which is framed as a question is always the same.

Yes, it’s the quinine in the tonic. It was invented by the tans in India to keep malaria at bay.
India has 1.34 billion people, is right next to China, and has 5 COVID-19 deaths.

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Possibly makes sense now when u mention it as they were also talking about lyme disease.
Would I be right in saying it can come from wild animals and people on the west coast suffer more than others in america?

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God bless us and save us if this virus takes a hold of India

How do we know it isn’t because they eat Rogan Josh?

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