Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Invermectin & Molnupiravir

Russia, India, Brazil and Turkey all have the worst type of governments for dealing with this.

Yes. And india have the worst demographic combined with the worst healthcare system.

Shudder to think what could unfold there.

lads working in forests get it here… Fcukin awful disease if not treated quickly…you should notice the bite though… Always check after walking in forests…

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Is it a disease caused by mosquitos???

I got bit by a horse fly playing golf and ended up inside in the hospital for 10 days. Cellulitis. We’re a fragile being

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Lyme disease? No ticks on animals…they reckon deer…

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Tic, cunt.

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Mosquitoes in Ireland… mate?

Now now mr Brady I am asking a genuine question.

It’s caused by a bacteria spread by a bite from a tick, but it’s a little off topic for this thread.

Cellulitis is an awful one… Flares up again and again out of nowhere…never heard of it until mate got it before chrimbo.

I’d have thought they have a much younger population than most given their population explosion over the last 30 years but open to correction on that. I remember when I was an actual nipper and was bought a book with all sorts of statistics in it, it must be 35 years ago. It stuck out in my mind that India’s population was 598 million. They’ve almost caught up on China now. The guy in charge, Modi, is one of the most dangerous men in the world, arguably the most dangerous, and I’d say he’d have no compunction in lying through his teeth about what’s happening there.

Yeah mate, you get it from ticks. They’re a cunt.

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30 posts in and we’ve gone off the rails already.

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I dont know aboyt G and t but I have drank a heap of Jameson Caskmates stout tonight and I havent tested positive

I was talking in terms of population density and propensity for underlying health conditions given the huge wealth divides and class structures.

What’s this thread about?

The opposite effect to Italians eating pizza?


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It’s always to do with a bite of some sort. I’ve had it twice. Second time, got the correct treatment and was gone within a week, no hospital.