Jamie Carragher Knows Best


Classic from JC, they are turning out to be a good double act! Gary Neville is even warming to the masses


The masses had warmed to Neville after last season, I'm not sure Carragher adds anything apart from banter, and instead takes way from Gary's splendid analysis.


While Carragher appears to be merely engaging in bants, I'm pretty sure that there is a seething anger bubbling underneath the surface of Neville, just waiting to explode. It's obvious he feels his territory has been invaded, and the look in his eyes suggests he genuinely hates Carragher.




Some lols there watching Jamie and Gazza in the new fifa ad… lol.


Sacked by sky sports :popcorn:


Touch of the knacker about him. He’s a bluenose anyway.


He spat on a 14 year old girl


Murder pool are such scum


More shame for Liverpool. Defending racists and murdering juve fans now this.


Typical Evertonian.


A very very strange man


Where did you see that he was sacked?


Shame for him to lose the head like that as he seems like a decent fella.

Your man recording him on his phone sounds like an awful cunt.

Deserves the sack from BSKyB though…you cant do that.


seems perfectly calm doing it which is even worse…


Link to the video?



What a scumbag


Carra should get a raise for that. :clap:


A vile cunt.