Jamie Carragher Knows Best


WATCH: Jamie Carragher issues full apology after footage emerges of him 'spitting at 14-year-old-girl’
https://t.co/VcWs8ZxIDA https://t.co/TAKey7ip7h




Weirdo. Are you laughing at Carragher or the girl?




@dodgy_keeper 's weekend just gets better and better. (Apart from the rubby of course)


Tin hat on but the driver here is a bit of a prick too. Using his phone while driving, dishes out some flak but goes running to the papers first chance he gets then. Even when it happens he doesn’t seem overly concerned despite the daughter being clearly upset.

Disgusting from Carragher all the same. He’s a media darling so Sky will hardly sack him, will they…?


Let’s see them sack Chris Froome and “Sir” Dave Brailsford first.


English football fans are the oddest oddest cunts you’ll ever encounter. I’d say the likes of Carragher et al have to put up with some amount of shite in their everyday lives.


It was big frothy spit out of nowhere. The fucker must carry a reserve spit in the back of his mouth for emergencies.


Irish people supporting English teams are much bigger weirdos.We’re this we’re gonna do that blah blah blah,manc this scouse that.Grown overweight men wearing soccer tops,jesus.



Lads calling each other mancs and scousers and cockney … :joy:

cc @labane1917


That’s partly what makes this so odd though. He must have got severely worse abuse than what he got here over the years, a big massive spit in the face of a teenage girl is a bizarre overreaction.


I havent even watched, nor do I care to. Its the demands for him to be sacked, the social media vitriol, its all extremely pathetic. English football fans are incredibly pathetic individual, but @Massey has a point about their irish cousins also.


Lads are being overly harsh on Carragher. In fairness to him, he was coming from a big match and was probably a bit boozed.


Scousers are born with it. A scouse accent is a third Irish, a third English and a third phlegm.


He might stay online til Tuesday night


He spat at the car, not at the girl. He’s a scumbag, but so are most epl players. He comes across as Mr Nice, but you’d never play at that level for that long in the epl unless you had a right bit of wire in you.
Apologise and move on.
As much of a window into what lads have to endure as anything. And the stupid fucker in the car would be the first to be crying into his can of carlsberg extra about how epl players don’t get the bus like they used to.


True dat but it didn’t look like a gluggar it looked pure frothy spur of the moment type spit.


Wasn’t Carragher saying years ago that spitting was the lowest of the low that he’d rather a player broke his leg than spat at him after Mostivoi did so? The Russian playmaker who played for Celta Vigo


He had a few pops at the mild mannered El Hadji Diouf over spitting too, I think.