Jamie Carragher Knows Best


after spitting carragher was stuck in traffic in front of yer man…if your man had any stones he would have got out of car with the wheel brace and went in one of carragher,s ears and out the other…


why would he? he got what he wanted, a reaction caught on camera so he can make it go viral. He didnt give a shit about anything else. Carragher was a dumb fuck for giving it to him.


I’d say he’s done on sky. Would I fire him for a one off provoked loss of temper,? For spitting, maybe I would. But I’d think about it first, a lot.
Even your man said “he just spat on the car”


Bad time for RTE to be without a head of sport.

Carra spitting venom on our national station this summer is just what they and we need.


He wont be sacked. He will probably not be on sky again till the start of next season. He was a fucking gobsbite for doing what he did.


Broke down crying on SKY news …


Suspended sentence … Joey Barton giving it the big’un trying to get him sacked :joy:

Carra will be spotted at a few charity gigs, saving a few puppies and running a marathon for blind kids in the North West over the coming months before returning to our screens next August.


I’m thinking as a father not as a media whore…


Carragher is a stupid cunt. He wasn’t even provoked.


Oh no I agree, if he had any gumption he would have, but he is a prick.


Did you not hear what the father said??? I’m surprised Carra didnt murder them.


This is worse than murder. He should be hanged.


Don’t forget scotch .


Did you not see him crying on Sky news? Poor guy


Jamie is a product of his environment. He needs to go to a Swiss finishing school before he’s allowed back on the telly.



Carragher was dead right for doing it, fuckin durty manc bastid!!


It was a scouser Fran. An evertonian I presume.


A bluenose


Worse again