Jamie Carragher Knows Best


Spitting is one of the most classless things you can do … he said he was goaded a few times by fans while driving – no excuse at all for spitting — just ram the fuckers off the road -


The guy driving the car is an arsehole but it’s not the most provocative thing ever.

Spitting is a scum* thing to do and he can’t really have any complaints about any professional consequences.

* I spat on an opponent during a rugby game before. That’s excusable because it was a rugby player I spat on.


Which is worse, spitting on someone, or hitting them a jab of the hurley in the goolies?


Ah here, both windows were down and the girl was in the passenger seat. To say he spat at the car is giving a bit too much leeway.

For what it’s worth, I agree with the general sense that English football culture is very odd, and that the father’s reaction was almost as strange as Carragher spitting. But I reckon a company that aims to project a clean cut image like Sky do will struggle to put him back on screen. Which is a shame, because I enjoy him on it.


If you spit at any girl not to mind a 14 year old one you deserve to be sacked.


What if it was a boy?


Sacked. If carragher wanted to he could have got out of the car and decked the father. Spitting at a girl is sick.


What if it was a 15 year old transgender?


…from Eritrea?


Was he due to be on Sky’s MNF tonight?




Defending him just because he once played for Liverpool is ridiculous. Cop yourself on.


They were only nuns.


Brendan Rogers is on mnf later too


Driver should get points on his licence for using his phone and endangering other road users.
He got the reaction he wanted. But very odd to react that way to your child being spat on.

Carragher is in trouble for doing this. No excuse for doing it - he overreacted and he knows he did but a media job means you walk that tightrope. I suspect Sky may suspend him rather than sack him.


Very telling that Carragher would get himself sacked with Brog due to appear on the show.




The driver was a prick but it was only a bit of banter not like he was throwing personal abuse,Carragher was way out of line with that reaction.



Here we go ---- Liverpool fans feeling the need to defend ex player as it looks bad on them personally -Man Utd fans looking to stick the knife in as it gives them some sort of moral high ground…

Dear oh dear …

Irish EPL fans are weird creatures…