Japan Rugby Team Supporters Thread

Making people reconsider whether rugby is actually a sport.

Signing in.

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Signing in


Im in.

There’s no word for ‘draw’ in Japanese.



I hope they go all the way now or at least take a few more big scalps. Must have pissed off a lot of the purists today. A bit of excitement in an otherwise boring and predictable competition.



Let’s go, Cherry Blossoms, let’s go.

Hon Japan. I would love if they beat this Jock bastards, love it.


I presume everyone will be on the TV3 player for this one

I don’t think I’m going to get to see any of the match, so regular updates would be appreciated, goys.

Christ above :smile:

The Scots have a cracking national anthem to be fair.

They’re murdering the Scottish anthem :grinning:

Where do the Japs ply their trade? What are the day jobs, presume they are pro most of them?

You bastards disgust me.

This event should be ignored completely.

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Former Munster legend John Lacey on the whistle for this one

Can’t beat a bit of good natured, racist banter.

Try Japan :clap:

7:6 to the Japs

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Japan just scored a converted try. 7-6 now to the Japs 16mins in. :ok_hand:

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12-7 to Scotland after 38 mins, Japan after coming away with nothing after a spell of sustained pressure in the Scotland 22.