Jared Hayne

cat got your tongue gman you prick?

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He’s been a revelation in pre-season. Just imagine what a Queenslander would do.

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Jared Hayne?

Isn’t Jared Payne the Irish Rogby player?

Jarryd Hayne?

Corey Haim?

What a fuck yard you are

fuck yard?


Kev didn’t take the roasters losing very well.

this didnt go well for you did it @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy

whats the dealio anyway, or what do you want me to say? Are you a niners fan now? Surprised you would be championing a NSW representative.

id like an apology


Haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

It is a serious achievement in fairness

This guy has been cut by the 49ers. Not good enough for gridiron, he’ll probably go back to being a big star in rugby league, fair play to him for trying to test himself.

Cat got your tongue @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy?

Wait til they get a load of Heaslip

Strange timing with Hyde fucked. He must be complete muck in practice.

How’s the news going down under? Are they still broadcasting all niners games on fox sports?

I haven’t got out of bed yet. I’m still buckled with the shock. Yet delighted. Its been a bad few hours for the greatest sporting nation on the planet.

I think it was Channel 7 (terrestrial) had bought the rights for the season. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. They’ll have to keep showing them i suppose. His homecoming is going to be absolutely massive.

To be honest, I think some team will put him on a practice squad to check him out. I’d be surprised if it ends now.