Joe Duffy's Liveline

He was. Its a shame he went to united, had he gone to an Irish club like Liverpool or Arsenal you’d feel he’d have been protected and helped somewhat.

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One of the callers actually alluded to the fact that he wasn’t protected as well as Ryan Giggs or Lee Sharpe. Although Giggs was up to all kind of antics behind the scenes.

Giggs was a wrong un, if thats how he turned out when he was protected, imagine how bad he’d have been had he not been.

Man Yoo put out a call for Best memorabilia because they have nothing about him in their museum.

Incredible, a pathetic level of Best memorabilia at the old trafford museum. Despicable.

George probably sold it all for booze in fairness

No fear of them buying a bit of it.

Not a big market for nostalgia back when George was cavorting around

Ah would you stop.

Any of the callers happen to mention George battering a couple of his wives?


united fans dont mind a bit of that, as we’ve learned of late.

Cavorting is a great word. :clap:

Classic Liveline there with the promoter of the Forever Young festival trying to explain why the punters hadn’t got their refunds yet. She sounded totally out of her depth. She was English too which added to the sense of her trickiness. Joe thrives in these situations and is at his best.

Joe was speaking to people who voted no no today.

Maria was on and she voted no no.

She wanted to vent her fury at the National Women’s Council for an advocating a yes yes vote.

After all we do live in an authoritarian regime where no differing opinion is allowed.

What did Joe say there?