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Yeah, Joe’s heart sank when everyone confirmed they were creamers, I had to laugh when it came up that Michael D had gone out there on a Ryanair flight and Joe got a dig in at fotf Peter Casey saying, “Peter Casey eat your heart out” when the behaviour of the creamers actually proved the point Casey was making. As for that fool fool from Galway that rang in…I’m ashamed to be from the same county as him :confused:


guy from Galway needs sectioned, actually stated that stopping their pursuit of bare Knuckle fighting was unfair, obviously a pikey himself or a near relation


Galway is full of tinkers


Hey boss, I’m no tinker


Man received 60 stitches in rathkeele, traveller related,what’s new


Sush you cant say anything negative about travellers. Its culture


One of the Gammels in the square. Over a €3000 drug debt apparently. There are photos doing the rounds of the stitchwork.


Women are raped and murdered by men every day… Is that male culture?


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No,just theirs


So we can’t call out the tinkers toxic culture because it’s erm, their culture.


Just asking you not to be a hypocrite. Please call out all men for being rapists, it’s our culture.


What percentage of male travellers have criminal convictions?

What percentage of men are convicted rapists?


Are tinkers and travellers the same?


So you’re only a rapist if you’re convicted? Despite overwhelming evidence that shows most rapes are never reported … bizarre logic.



So you’re just going to assume that every man is a rapist then? Fair enough


In the same way i’m not going to assume every member of the travelling community is a criminal, yes … well done mate.


We don’t have to assume anything with travellers, they are in the news committing some crime every day


A sizeable proportion of them are.