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I made this point before around how they organise the Flora mini marathon, essentially creating an island in D4 that you can’t get in or out of. So this is sadly no surprise.


I heard Duffy read out a statement from the HSE about this and basically it was the HSE saying “Fuck Off Duffy”. Went along the lines of the “HSE works with other emergency services for big events, blah, blah, fucking blah”.


The scummy soccer crowd and their disgusting racism is today’s topic.


Is Joe ignoring being the reason that it was his fault not a lot of people went to see the pope in the Pheonix park?


Tremendous show of irish and english family ‘culture’ in Lanzarote over the holiday season according to liveline today.
Fighting in and destroying pubs and the like.


Heard a bit of it
70 tinkers in a pub beating women per the first man on


You’d want your head examined to go to the Canaries this time of year.


Careful now Mickee. We don’t want to offend the twitteratzi do we?


Heard a bit of it today as well. Just at the point where Joe asked a bar lady how she knew they were travelers. What a fucking tool our Joe is at times.


didnt yer man at the start the bar owner say tho that they walked in, told him they were travellers and then proceded to absolutely wreck the place?


“Irish in Lanzarote” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Link :


They’re disgusting, everything,and everywhere they go , trouble always follows,be it a chipper,pub,hotel,schools, always at it,if this is acceptable to anyone normal, we’re in trouble,truth be told because of their constant hassle everywhere no one wants them


If only there was a forumite who is in Lanzarote in Puerto Del Carmen who could comment on this.

Brendan is a sound Bree man and would never speak a lie.

On a completely coincidental matter, did I mention I’m in 25 degree sunshine this week?


Lucky ducky


Didn’t hear the start of it at all. But the fact that they mentioned the moniker ‘traveler’ at all was a refreshing departure. Rathkeale was like a fucking war zone at times during Christmas. Yes, the police presence helped a little but ultimately the ethnic ones did what they wanted, to whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted.


Listened to it there Duffy trying to snowflake was the most disgusting part he couldn’t accept that Ken Ackers were scum and causing untold over there


Duffy’s little heart dropped when Twas confirmed that Twas piebalds then that Twas 70 of the animals


Trying to ascertain whether they were Oirish or Tans🤦‍♂️


Smelt them anyway to establish who/ what they were