John Delaney - Ireland's Shame

There would be no housing crisis if developers could still pay off the planners


Sure thats what caused the fucking housing crisis. They went mad and overbuilt so all the developers got absolutely burned so nobody wants to build houses

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Good god,are you drunk man?

Haughey died before he was born, he wouldn’t have a notion

The poor lad hasn’t a notion.

Frank Dunlop, George Redmond those lads were serious operators.

Gentlemen have a way of doing business.


Ah stop. No idea.

And here’s the other gobshite in now

The vaccine would have been rolled out in a week too. We’d be the envy of the world.

Two convicted criminals.

In a time when you’d nearly have to felch Mary Harney’s gicker to be convicted of criminality. (or indecency).

You’d have to hope he wumming at this stage

I’ve yet to take either seriously tbh

No doubt dela told them to keep the cash.

No doubt dela did the draw.


Balls like a Bengali tiger.
Had a recent born baptised at his mother’s months mind.


Steamers you mean. And cunts.

Tell me more about this Redmond chap?

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Do you need a gable redesigned?

Myself and mrs J spent a portion of the evening examining possibilities of that nature would you beliwve…

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We would