Johnny Giles


Happy retirement to a living legend and national treasure. Tears welling up here listening to Dunphy eulogising about the great man.


His analysis of Pogba at half-time showed he still has it.

Probably the right time to bow out, mind.

Presume Eamo will pop his analysing clogs this time in two years.


He should have been turfed out years ago. A boring old bastard. Fair play to Ryle for giving him a red card.


Stayed on too long. Damaged his legacy.


Out of his depth at SRFC
In cahoots with Kilcoyne
Lack of knowledge about non EPL players


He’s not sick is he?


I forgot TV3 had the final tonight - I would have watched their coverage ahead of RTE. The few minutes after the trophy presentation when they handed back to studio were diabolical. Giles rambling on about Jim Beglin’s career and then the three of them settling into their repetitive drivel about football being in trouble and no children playing on the street.


Bullet points please.


What would you know about street football?? You were to busy climbing trees.


Jim Beglin’s broken leg at Goodison Park is one of my first football memories.

It was lovely of Gilesy to mention how unfortunate Jim had been.

Fuck you.


A little piece of all of us has died tonight gents.

I know it wouldn’t be TFK if we didn’t have a load of ignorant loners spewing out hatred. But some of the comments in here are deplorable.

Happy retirement Johnny.

  • Out of his depth at SRFC
  • In cahoots with Kilcoyne
  • Thrifty
  • Lack of knowledge about non EPL players


Nobody cares about non-EPL players.


There’s no such thing as tactics.


His legacy as long as I’ll remember him will be that of one of the slyest, dirtiest players to play the game.
He spoofs on then about playing alongside Bremner, Collins and Hunter and referring to them as “edgy types”.

But he was craftier than those - he had it off to a tee. He’s too small for a Santa role on the Late Late Toyshow.


Did they put him down live on the telly last night?


Yesterday’s off the ball had a nice chat about Gilesy with Kieran Shannon and others.
People who know an awful lot more about football than the TFK spoofers who’ve never played on grass after they were 14 years old have a lot of respect for him, as a player and a pundit.


That’s heartwarming, but Gilsey was also a tinker on the pitch who broke legs.


From a punditry pov, Giles was a great, back in the day it was tremendous fun listening to him and Dunphy have the back and forth. But he stayed on too long. Far too long. he stopped trying, I’m not sure he ever had to try, and when the more astute viewers began watching and knowing more about the games and players he was meant to give us an insight into, it became embarrassing and a little sad.


How many legs did he break mate?