Johnny Giles


In fairness to the man, he is 76 now.



The “more astute viewers” could have tuned into another channel if they liked. But they didn’t. Because Johnny was part of the experience. Don’t kid yourself on here pal that you are some sort of soccer know-it-all.


Hence why he should have retired sooner. Time waits for no man. Tis grand, I’m sure he won’t be bothered, and all the boys can still get him on Off The Ball


Aren’t we all know-it-all’s here? Isn’t this the INTERNET?


Who is kieran shannon?


The former Mayo Football Team Psychologist.

Well worth putting on your cv that one.


What?why shouls normal football fans care about him?


No idea pal. None.


Here’s one, mate.


He’s one of the best sports writers working in Ireland at the moment, ostensibly a basketball man but speaks and writes well on all sports, he’s a guy I’d have a lot of time for.
Also a sports psychologist as has been pointed out.


Not a football man then. A clown whose opinion holds no weight around here.

Who else contributed?


Did you bother to read it? The gist of that piece Is that Gilesy didn’t actually break the guys leg despite being accused of same. That was the cause of the Giles/Dunphy rift.


Yes, I’m reading it right now. Fuck.


It was Johnny’s honesty that endeared him to Irish viewers. At least he was honest enough to say he hadn’t a clue who the players were when Togo were playing Paraguay in a world cup match, but it didn’t stop him giving first rate analysis of the goings on.

Give me that over the new breed of pundits who try and spoof their way through these tournaments.


He didnt know who the players were when Bayern would play Juve


He didn’t need to.


We paid his wages.he should have


I agree. Like I said, its just a shame he didn’t move on sooner.


That was RTE’s fault.

In fairness to Gilesey he had to mind himself as a footballer because he was small. So if he was a bit edgy, that is what he needed to do to survive.


Nah, he could have moved on if he’d wanted to as well, they weren’t chaining him there. Even when RTÉ tried to bench him for a few games there was “national uproar”. He’s a gem, we had some great times, but towards the end it was a lil embarrassing, it didn’t need to be.

Anyway, its not likes he’s the first to stay too long. It happens.