Johnny Giles


He got shown the door


My uncle told me that when Giles was playing for Leeds, they had a big centreforward called Mick Jones who was a brilliant header of the ball.

Jones always said that he used to love when a cross came in from Giles because Johnny would always make sure the lace was facing away from his forehead.


How twee.


What had the more astute viewers been doing Up until that point?


Learning to wipe their own holes maybe?




If it’s not right to do it in the first minute then it’s not right to do it in the last minute, Darragh.


So we should be listening to a basketball fan and a few hipster rugby football obsessives about football now.

FFS sake :rollseyes:


Jesus mate, he’s Kieran Shannon, one of the best and most well respected sports writers in the country. And we have supposed sports fans here who claim to have never heard of him :smirk: Same fellas think their opinion holds a bit of weight .
I said it was an interesting conversation. You can listen to these things and make up your own mind, you’re a smart fella


Look mate, you’ve tried to rubbish the opinions of the very knowledgeable football heads on this forum (if they haven’t heard of Kieran Shannon then he’s not worth hearing about) by referencing a conversation between a basketball fan (albeit and well respected basketball fan) and few knobhead presenters on Newstalk.


@Fran, apologies to you and the other knowledgeable football heads, i see now what the issue is.
My post quoted above was meant to be two separate points, the conversation was indeed interesting, what i referred to in the second sentence was the people who were quoted and cited in the piece and from what i already knew.

But come off it with the not knowing who Shannon is.


Who the fuck is Kieran Shannon?


Fuck off out of it now


Is he the giuy who was the sub goalie for Clare?


I’m 100% serious here?


No, I think that was John Leonard.


He’s a neighbour of yours




I used to love Giles as an analyst. I still think he was among the best to read a match when he was co-commentating. That’s the place for him.

I suppose what really pissed me off about him was his unbelievable arrogance. Never bothered watching matches or being knowledgeable about players as he thought he knew it all and that was it. The bullshit he spouted about the Ireland team prior to the Italy match showed it was time for him to go.


Twee fine, how you