Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?


That would be your guess tbf :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s the most plausible. To my mind, anyway.


Agree rating. Has to be more to that story.


Agree rating.
If he wasn’t banging, or attempting to bang, Eva at some point, then I’ve lost all respect for the man.


[quote=“PoisonousMisanthrope, post:180, topic:18881, full:true”].

I think we should speculate wildly as to what he’s up to.

My guess would be banging the hell out of Carneiro with some sort of gone pear-shaped scenario having played out.

It will be a real mid-life crisis if he records an album now.


I’m here spending my Saturday night cutting out those little strips of paper with contact details on them that you attach to A4 page ads that you might put on the noticeboard in your local Tescos looking for a singer and anyone else good. (Though we do have a fella coming on Thursday who sounds great).

Does Jose have a decent set of pipes? He could be interested…


I can shout, if it’s any use to you.


Like a lad whose rash challenge might break an opponents leg, we’re not that kind of band.


I’m like Chopper Harris, Norman Hunter and Mark Dennis rolled into one. I break legs and am unapologetic about it.


You’d not last a day in my band. Don might’ve been content to be top of the disciplinary charts, but I run the thing like Clough.


Mark Dennis, now there was a hard cunt. Blast from the past.


He’ll be sacked by teatime.


Mourinho has never lasted a Rugby World Cup as Chelsea manager before.

Just about three hours left.

It’ll be touch and go.




“I have nothing to say” x 10




Interviewer was a Muppet


Disagree rating.

Diego Costa is the an utter charlatan and a fraud.

This was obvious even in his Atletico Madrid days when he was heavily touted.

This time last year Mourinho was being hailed as a genius for signing Costa on the back of a few goals against Burnley, QPR and Sunderland.

Costa has done nothing in the last year and is poison in a dressing room. He is the jagged rock on which Mourinho will perish.


Thought he interviewer was fine.