Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?




Chelsea Starting XI: £213m
Chelsea Bench: £74m
Bournemouth Starting XI: £1.7m


Was he interviewed after?


He was and it was as disappointing as his team’s performance.


I take that we are all in agreement now?




The hilarious thing is he hasn’t a clue how to turn it around.



He’s aged five years in the last few months.,


Abramovich is taking the piss out of him now by not sacking him.

Let him twist in the wind for a while yet.


That’s the only thing that makes sense at this stage of the game.


The phrases “he’s lost the dressing room” and “the players aren’t playing for him” are lovely euphemisms for the reality of “the players are trying to get him sacked”.


That interview, holy shit.

Thats that so.


Missed the interview what did he say?


Basically saying his players aren’t as good as he made them look last season. Claims he felt “betrayed” tonight

“My work was betrayed”.


Jose’s apostles have deserted him. He has lost Eden. Crucified by the media. Difficult to see him rise again. Could be the last supper for him tonight. His team couldn’t deal with crosses. All that remains now is for the Jew to finally betray him.


Any truth to the rumours about Eva and hazard? All Jose problems started with sacking her


Eden couldn’t resist the forbidden fruit.


The only betrayal was that they didn’t give him the cheque book this year. They bought Pedro just for the sake of United not getting him.


That and coming back late for pre-season training. And not putting John Terry out to grass. He usually crashes and burns in the third year of his manager jobs though.