Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?


He said he didn’t want to buy anyone in the summer


In all seriousness though the way he treated the doctor was despicable. It’s one thing being a cunt to your own players and ruling through fear but another to pick on a person just doing their medical duties.

He has looked depressed ever since Fergie bizarrely picked his mate Moyesie over him.

He wants out now and is trying to get sacked. Then play the martyr when he is given the boot - “I love the fans, I love the club, I wanted to stay.”


I think he is pining for Eva.


great call by il bomber destro


Not half as much as Hazard by all accounts


Someone was mugged off over the summer. Good and proper.


Did Jose not sign a new deal over the summer?


End of last season.




Jose seems incredibly immature. I think it seems ridiculous but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Jose is doing a lot of this on purpose.


It would seem the players are not playing for the manager. Jose won’t walk. Roman won’t sack him. This is about who will blink first.


+1. Sure he was trying to buy John Stones for £50m - he’s clearly taking the piss out of Chelsea.


People who take the piss out of Russian oligarchs usually end up having a serious accident.


If/when he gets sacked he’ll have the the favourite to replace Hodgson as England manager.

That would be box office.


He took the biscuit when he signed falcao :laughing:



Costa is clearly one of these manchildren who needs constant pats on the back. I don’t think he was a bad buy talent wise, he was a bad buy if you are not going to afford the time to butter him up consistantly.

Jose got too comfortable with lots of money and forgot the fundementals which got him to where he was. Its all about the players.


He’s only looking after his friends Jorge Mendes


Old Yeller has gotten the bullet


The busted flush is on his way to old Trafford as we type