Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?


He got the bullet.


He has been sensationally sacked !


I’ll always be grateful to him for stopping Liverpool winning the league in May 2014. He mugged them off good and proper with a little help from Stevie Me.

Sprinting down the touch line after the goal that made it 2-0. :smile:


Eva will be back. She is what held them together. :slight_smile:


Rodgers to step in as temp ?


Lol imagine rodgers coming in. :slight_smile:


69 year-old Guus Hiddink is apparently to be appointed until the end of the season. :smile:

He’ll relegate them. :smile:


No sign of kay burley at the Chelsea training ground so not that serious.


England job beckons for José?


2 year syndrome continues.


PSG in the summer.


Or Bayern.


Not a chance. Ancelotti.



Is that supposed to be funny?


If that does transpire, how will proponents of the ‘United Way’ like @dodgy_keeper feel about replacing the current incumbent with an even more negative coach?


A horrific decision to post that.


Mate of mine on holidays in Europe over Christmas was at Stamford Bridge with his kids yesterday. Posting photos of them with cardboard cut outs of Jose and has a certificate that they did the stadium tour on that date etc. He asked if they could type “Date Mourinho sacked” on the certificate. Didn’t go down well apparently.


Mourinho was sacked today, not yesterday.


It’s tomorrow here mate.