Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?


Wow. Your mate is a nutjob.


Eh, no he’s quite boring actually, I would have thought that was apparent from my post.


Generally people tend not to share boring anecdotes with other people.


I thought it would make a change from someone posting 300 boring opinions on one thread.


A great managet altthough a prick, was let down again by the russian scumbag and then by his players


Fucking hell. What a vile post. I’m fucking seething at that shit.


That would be just lovely so it would


Great managers command respect from players. A great manager doesn’t get let down by his players. Abramovich gave him as much of a chance as he could to turn it around


It would be just icing on the cake now if they get relegated, the odious cunts.


No regrets here mate.


Good read


I read that entire piece the other day and gleaned little insight from it that I didnt already know.


@Sidney knows it all. Surprising revelation.


He be at Man u by chelse game


Eva goes hunting…


Well done Eva, sow it into the cunt.




Mourinho giving his presser at the moment. Couldn’t resist landing one into Wenger once again. His obsession with Wenger is very unseemly.


Ryan Gigg’s isn’t spared either

Mourinho: “It’s not my responsibility Ryan (Giggs) is not in the club. The job Ryan wanted is the job United gave me. It’s not my fault.”


Christ I’m bored of Mourinho already. and the likes must be delighted he’s back though.