Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?


He got rid of that cunt.
He’s done enough for me.


LVG or Giggsy?


If he leads Man U to the title he’ll be sainted


He’s going to promote more youth players :joy:


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Alex Ferguson Managerial Career Discussion thread

Mick Hucknall interviewed Jose Mourinho today and it’s on YouTube.


Its not exactly Noel Gallagher interviewing Pep.


That’s an incredible coincidence.




That Gallagher/Guardiola interview is the best rock star/new manager interview I’ve seen since John Lennon interviewed Bob Paisley before the 1974/75 season.

The Hucknall/Mourinho one is fucking shit and even worse than the notoriously bad Marti Pellow/Paul Le Guen one in 2006.


The horror.


PLease tell me that never happened.


Lack of a winter break and two domestic cup competitions doesn’t help either.


And limited intelligence and no leaders among them.


True but most England internationals wouldn’t play many of those matches.

I’m a strong believer that a good man manager who creates a good spirit in the camp would be a success.

Bobby Robson did it, Terry Venables did it, Harry Redknapp could do it.


But he completely failed. They were a miserable rabble when it mattered most. Of course he may not have been allowed do his job. Which emphasizes my point.

And i was talking about english football in general. Just because the Senior team has one does not reflect the entire game.

You are arguing for the sake of it about something you have no clue of.


Winter break is bullshit excuse when you consider what many others have to do.


It doesn’t matter whether England succeeded or failed, mate, the point is they used some of the best sports psychology available, which you claimed they don’t do. That means you’re simply wrong in what you’re saying.

You also entered into baseless speculation about Peters “not being allowed do his job”. Presumably you have a mole in the England camp, of course.

Most, if not all Premier League teams also use sports psychologists by the way.

I already posted a far better informed treatise on why England fail some days ago (read it), and I’d also guess I watch and read about a hell of a lot more association football than you.


All this evening proves is that Jose is Box Office :clap:


You’ve gone through the glass here. Peters is a bluffer of the highest order. Inner chimp and outer ant. Sweet Lord.