Just a general TFK advisory ℹ

TFK is a grand spot to spend time. There will likely be more of us online more frequently over the next while. We recently had a couple of instances of tantrums and general idiocy that could bring an end to this place and I hope we don’t have anything similar to deal with while we’re more housebound than usual.

Like your parents might have said before Christmas, can we all make an extra effort not to be wilfully disruptive over the next while. In particular, there may well be people for whom everything Covid-19 is a distant drama and can see countless opportunities for ridicule while others might have very real concerns or events in their lives and don’t have the same remote perspective on events.

Not really sure where I’m going with this or what has prompted it, but I’d like to think we can watch out for anyone who might have a troubled time ahead. Think of how few people knew everything about @Joe_Player before his passing and remember that when talking to people who might be vulnerable or have vulnerable family.

Bígí go breá.



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Ah, yer not a bad fella deep down.*


Smashing post @Rocko

A time for perspective.

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Fantastic leadership.

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You’re the boss. :+1:


Hear hear


It’s truce time at least till this is over.

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Lovely stuff.

:+1::+1: Great stuff.

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We can and we WILL prevail

Trust @Rocko to suck all the joy out of a worldwide pandemic


:smile: :smile:


Mind you, is that not tautological? Surprised at you. Thought you had a bit of the oul learnin.


Pandemic isn’t necessarily worldwide, a pandemic can be within a continent for example.
I’m not surprised at you though, as you haven’t displayed much learnin’

Sorry @TheBlackSpot I thought I was replying to @Lazarus. I’m actually surprised at you