Just a general TFK advisory ℹ


Ah I’d never claim to be learned. I maybe don’t understand what I read.

The WHO called it a global pandemic

Indeed. And I wondered if that was tautological too. But sure, what do I know?

Besides they’re just some aging rock band.

They’re not from my generation.

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Good man @Rocko

I’d like to wish @Juhniallio all the best as I know the vending machines aren’t going to be needing to be refilled much between now and June.

@anon60384913 as there’ll be fuck all sports to bet on.

@iron_mike sweating to keep us squirrelling food away while we bunker down.

@Fagan_ODowd cos there’ll be fuck all on the streets to kerb crawl.

Although in fairness if there is a total lockdown and @Boxtyeater has to remain in doors and runs out of poitín we might actually understand some of his ramblings…


I only bet on horse racing. Maybe ten bets in the last few months and I’d say one so far this year or maybe two out side of racing. Horse racing still goes on but I won’t be betting for a week. Need a few days off after Cheltenham.

Well you’ll have plenty of days off in self isolation.

How are you doing it?

none of my family are in the country so I just went home really. Today is day one and it was tough as I drank myself to sleep last night. Tomorrow I’ll develop a routine of exercise, college work and doing a little bit of study for breeding horses. Sire stats and that sort of thing. I also bought sky movies just there to give me something to watch in the evenings. Going to be fair boring but it could always be worse.

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Will the lads in the van charge you to drop food over?

No they aren’t far from you in Malahide.

I’m gone from Malahide a while.

I hear your alright @anon32894817, good stock, the Gibneys are alright, although their drink is piss.

I particularly like the fact that @thedancingbaby was barred for a number of months for shouting about Celtic and singing RA songs. He calmed down a few months later after 2 pints with the horsey set and meeting the voice.

I can’t remember whether it was Tony or Barry that threw him out! I knew John a lot more. When barred from Duffy’s and Smyths I could always depend on Sean Barry or Christopher to serve me no matter what madness happened!


I get on well with Chris he’s a good fella behind the bar. My father would be very close with John but I’ve only met him a handful of times as he lives abroad now. Thomas is one of my best friends.

I’d still see Thomas as a gossan! My sister knew Anne really really well.

I remember John asking, I think Chris, back in 1990, the height of the world cup, to blow his nose. No response. C’mon he said, hanky up to his nose; blow! No response, then; C’mon, “A big blow for Ireland”…Chris filled it with snot! John shouted; Ole Ole Ole!

My Mother in Law recently asked my Mrs what I meant when I was holding a hanky up to my little lad’s nose and asking for; A big blow for Ireland!

Still being sceptical about my political affiliation she asked; “Is he talking about bombs”???

If she only knew I was looking for the same result that John Gibney got!


I like the use of the word tautological though, that sort of thing should be encouraged.

Keep her lit.

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This was going just about alright until @Malarkey arrived in.


The last one seems rather ironic, about the only time he’s ever done irony in his life…

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Look, just a couple of things. I’d prefer if people didn’t comment, because wanting people to comment is awful self important. I have mostly enjoyed keeping abreast of general Irish opinion here, though I rarely say much. There are a lot of highly smart people here – and a few others as well.

But when I do say a bit, in fairness, I too often become too combative. It’s not my best part and it’s not good. There is an element of being harried for whatever is ventured, and attendant frustration, but still. I do accept I was well over the top the other day. I apologize again for any and all offence caused (and I appreciate people pulling me up) and I apologize also to Sidney for being so vituperative. There was a longstanding context and I wasn’t being literal – but still.

I am conscious of Rocko’s wise words at the head of this thread. Conscious, also, of one poster saying Sidney has ‘a hard station’. If so, I certainly do not wish him further difficulties in any way. Quite the opposite. I hope this sentiment might be passed on by someone. He drives me nuts at times but I just want to draw a line under the whole shooting gallery – and hope he might too. These days, which are getting stir crazy, are not for casual antagonisms. We all have plenty worries.

Am not going to contribute any further at all – if only because there is a big new project afoot at home. But more so I am conscious of my limitations in temperament in certain contexts.

Not my call but I would like to think he might be allowed back in some guise, because he might need the outlet. There might be a bigger picture. Contrary to my counter thrusts the other day, I wish him no harm in any way whatsoever. We will never agree, except on Briody’s, and I find some of the stuff bizarre, but so be it. There is, especially at the moment, a massively bigger picture.

I hope everyone and their family get through this trying time, which looks a real long haul. That’s all. Except apologies, finally, for the bit of sideways self importance. I would have melted away quietly save for the other day’s wrong heat.

Keep well.


I think he’s back already, I wouldn’t worry. He is nothing if not resilient.
You should post here on what interests you. What interests you is interesting to most people who are around the place.
You are also a cut above the normal sports journalists, not that I’ll say this again.
You are far more highly thought of than you think. You are a lot better at heart than you like to convey.
The board would be considerably worse for your absence. I hope you reconsider.
Best wishes to you and yours also.
If I might add one further thing, the Kilkenny footballers would be well worth, and deserving of an article.


Did you ever see as many ultracrepidarians assembled anywhere like on this forum?


You’re some lickarse