Karamoko Dembele


13 years old? I can see this turning out well alright.

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An U20’s match? Is this a stunt or is the Bhoy that good?


He wouldn’t even be eligible to hurl Minor ffs sake

Even if he is fucking unbelievable, it still is surely a stunt of some sort. I don’t know if it should be allowed tbh.

He mugged off the Barca youngsters good & fucking proper. Off the charts good in his own age group.


Un - fucking - rale.

He has great balance, agility and core strength. Probably does Crossfit.

Class. He could be the next Aiden McGeady

the next islam feruz is the fear

Messi wasn’t near half as good as this chap at 13. Celtic are sitting on a 100 + million Euro talent.

The next Terry Dixon

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Theo Walcott.

Terry Dixon. A sad oul story in the end. What a talent. Had it all.

Was Terry Dixon that lad in the 90’s who could do all the tricks and keepy uppy shit, but was useless in an actual game?

That was Kevin Doyle.