Karamoko Dembele

No that was Kerlon, fitzy.


He’ll be an alcoholic at 18 living in a bedsit in Glasgow drinking buckfast during the day and in and out of Ladbrokes betting horses.

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Freddie Adu part deux.

A pretty normal Glaswegian so .

I look forward to him posting here.


It will start off with 2 swift pints and a bet on a dog race. That will quickly become a little tradition of his and things will escalate from there.



Terry Dixon is only 26!

THe already does

Very disappointing thread from the OP - He has fallen foul of the British disease of hyping players up when they are still mere kids. A real Anglophile thread.

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+1. It’s the type of shit that complete oddball @twiceasnice97 used to come up with. Boasting about being one of the first hurling men in Ireland to recognise the talents of some child hurler from outside his own county. This is along similar lines from this blueshirt weirdo @The_Selfish_Giant.


you got your fingers badly burnt with Aiden McGeady, you said he was a future superstar and now you cant bring yourself to believe anymore. The years have made you bitter & the gargles dimmed your brain

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Jimmy McGuinness will develop him into a fine corner back in years to come


It’s a wonder he didn’t fall foul of something else up there :scream:

The Limerick cretins are always at the same thing… the likes of @glasagusban creaming himself about some 14 year that scored all his club’s points in a county final.


In short, no.

+1. There was a young, portly, little corner forward who impressed on and off for Na Piarsaigh and @glasagusban was touting him as the next Mick Mackey.

I can’t remember, did Glas pull him off or let him ride him?

Typical that this turned into some stupid childish conversation and an excuse for banter.

But this is so wrong on so many oevels and Celtic should be ashamed of themselves. How this is legal is beyond me (i believe according to one guy i talk to in FA its not in Englabd but he was not sure up there)

Celtic are dead to me now completely. This is Child abuse.

Should i be surprised?!?


I’m sure Celtic are fine taking moral lectures from a guy who goes online to try and sabotage the reputation of a professional peer without a shred of proof.

Young Karamoko looks delighted with himself. Why do you want to deny the happiness of a child?