Not a spoofer at all.

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An X blue tick is a dangerous weapon in modern warfare

‘We are only speculating. But there is a litany of evidence, now starting to be confirmed by some of those involved’

A sentence that sums Kev up if ever there was one. Pure bluster.


I had to read that a couple of times…whataboutery

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The first half of the 1991 football final wasn’t brilliant. The second half was probably the most free flowing 35 minutes of football I’ve ever seen. It was sublime and it was frantic and it was 100 miles an hour. The quality of forward play was exceptional. The drama never stopped.

Bernard Flynn and Colm O Rourke were outstanding iirc.

The forward play on both teams was exceptional. Down ripped Meath to shreds in the third quarter. Even at an 11 point gap there was a feeling of inevitability about the Meath fightback and it didn’t feel like Down had it won. Down needed the two extra points they got and they left behind more. The narrative was rich. O’Rourke was ruled out of starting due to illness and came on with 25 minutes left. Meath threw the kitchen sink at it. Flynn gave Brendan McKernan twisted blood but missed the biggest chance of all.

Liam Hayes is under rated from that Meath period. He was a phenomenal player, an absolute colossus, an animal.

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Some lads don’t know when they were born


Oh he spit on that thang


Greg Blaney and Mickey Linden were as fine of forwards ever to try it,

What annoys me most about the ‘modern game’ is the obsession to return to base when a player seems to run out of options.

It’s not uncommon for a 40 yard kick back towards a team’s goal when a player runs out of options around the 21.

Horrible to watch.


Death by a thousand possessions


I played against Blaney once, that was a thrill, but he was no Mickey Linden

Different types of forwards.

Blaney was a playmaker. Linden was score getter.

Would be fantastic to get Kev on Parkinson’s show for a debate about something. They would bring the best out of one another.

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Such a clever footballer , hard as nails too

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