Keys & Gray

It’s all true of course :lol:

Some achievement squeezing sexism, an attack on Karen Brady and probably getting yourself and your copresenter sacked into a mere 26 seconds of a mic being left on by mistake.

Fuck sake, this is already being discussed on a thread and the last thing this place needs is another thread bout the EPL…Someone please ban this spamming ginger bollocks

I will break you.

despite this been discussed in detailed on another thread EPL runt just cant let an epl thread go by withou another inane comment

very true

Sexism will have the sky sports viewers up in arms alright.

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Their comments may have been offside but they did not express them on air. They were leaked. Looks like a bit of a stitch up to me.

A complete over-reaction all down to a few rug munchers getting up in arms.

The key to not getting booted off Sky Sports is to avoid making jokes about natural phenomenon like tsunamis and the like, they go buck ape over that sort of stuff as Rodney Marsh found to his cost.

In fairness, English football is one of the most ignorant and backward sporting cultures on earth. If anything this will only make them more popular. That’s quite possibly the whole point of the exercise.

I was actually thinking to myself that it would be quite amusing if the two of them got sacked over this but then soon realised it would lead to far more of Jamie Redknapp on the tele

Time for Jeff Stelling to step up and assume the throne. Just dont bring Merse.

Ian Wright seems to have completely disappeared off the tele…he was always good for a laugh

As long as these two reprobates get the sack then I’ll be happy.

Sack em and get some decent folks on instead. Sack em all.

These cunts have previous, wont someone think of their feelings :angry:

I can confirm that Karen Brady would get it.