Kick her in the fanny, Kellllllllllieeee

This has been going around a week or so- @glasagusban’s girlfriend did the filming outside the Crescent shopping centre.


Classy ladies.

A mix of settled travellers and local scumbags-

Fix your hair, now come on.:smiley:

Bite her Kelly, will ya bite her

cousins of yours?



That’s upsetting and dispiriting viewing. Shame on those of you who think it’s amusing.

Limericks finest


Tell us about that transaction yesterday mate

“i’m not being cheeky kelly, but you should go over there to her and ate her nose”


surely if we build these people better houses and give them more handouts that would help them to behave a bit more like the homo sapien? :smiley:

So @glasagusban[/USER] and [USER=1]@Rocko would have you believe

Kick her in the fanny, keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

that skirmish was sponsored by me and you, the ordinary hardworking taxpayer

The one with the camera needs to be pushed in front of traffic.


Like all mothers she was quite concerned about the traffic - “watch the cars”

Was one of the girls shouting “ate her”?

Yes- Obviously Gals is not doing the business and these poor girls are sexually deprived among other things.

I thought they were suppose to be fighting not eating each other. :slight_smile: Fuck sake, what are they breeding in Limerick?