Kilmarnock v Celtic ☘

Hayes for Izaguirre and Edouard for Burke.

Irishman Armstrong Okoflex on the bench for Celtic.

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Good start by Toljan.

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From what I’ve seen of Bachmann in goals for Killie, I think he is a pretty decent keeper.

Gerrard has a point about the artificial pitches in fairness.

They’ve only lost 1 more point on plastic pitches before today than Celtic have this season.

Hayes asleep there but I think he’s done well at left back so far.

We’ve played some nice football in bits and are largely controlling the game but we really need to instill more urgency in the play, Kilmarnock have had a few half sights on goal. The two full backs are offering good options going forward and Edouard and Forrest look sharp.

Once again, it is very disappointing from Sinclair, from standing positions and with his back to goal he doesn’t really want anything to do with the game and just ships the ball off the player closest to him. I’d like to see Burke or Weah come on through the middle and play Edouard off the left.

It isn’t a fleg issue dunderhead

It’s Born Slippy making excuses for dropped points. I don’t like plastic surfaces myself and have voiced this before, you’re exhibiting more complete ignorance regarding the Scottish game.

You perceive him to be making excuses, dunderhead.

For a big lad Boyata gets pushed off the ball easy. McAnenly got in front of him 1 time in the first half and shoved Boyata off it.

He badly misses an overlapping full back but Sinclair hasn’t been great alright. Not sure anyone has gone well going forward apart from Edouard really. Others have just had a few flashes.

Not impressed by how soft we look at the back when they go direct.

It’s the logical perception, he’s being doing it all season. If you had the slightest clue of the context you might realise but you’ve gone steaming in with your size 15s again.

Playing better since about 55 minutes but not creating great chances still.

No real urgency to the play, build up play is very safe and lethargic.

I would say Sinclair has been the wost of our front three this evening but he’s the one who is going to stay on while the other 2 are subbed off. His goal scoring record is good this season but he doesn’t seem to be able to do it when games are close and tight.

That’s a bad challenge, definite red.

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It’s funny how Andy Walker doesn’t realise why it’s a red card. Doesn’t meant the studs up at all.

Broadfoot seen it was Brown and went to do him.

Alex Bruce has a bit of a boiler on him.