On TV tomorrow night or not?

Made the trip up on Saturday night, won’t be going tomorrow night.

Think it’s on Setanta, Locke.

Doubt it, Setanta are supposed to be showing the Olmupiacios V Bordeaux match…

Has this fixture been confirmed? The market is still suspended on betfair.

Confirmed, disappointed that my bet wasn’t refunded to be honest, a bitchy e mail might have to be sent

locke what happens to you now regards getting your money back?

My sources tell me otherwise.

It’s now a kind donation to the Tipperary County Board.

Ha ha


Every bikkie tin South of Urlingford must have got a call up.

Hey Tip, what d’ya think? Is it worth the run tomorrow night?

Don’t know tbh. Myself and and the Chicken paid in the 15 quid, found our seat and then heard the first announcement that their would be a 15 min wait and see period. 10 mins later they said it was off. No ticket stubs, no nothing. I guess tomorrow nights game is free so if I made the trip up again I could see it for nothing but I’ll just have to take the hit on Saturday night I suppose.


It is what it is bro.

It 100% is bullshit.

How could they not have foreseen this possibility.


Any chance its on TG4? I’m assuming its not on then?

I doubt it. I’d say setanta will cover it and show it 27 times before the start of the championship.

Made the journey meself buh. Second year in a row that I’ve travelled for the league opener only for it to be called off.
I’ll go tomorrow night though.

It is indeed on Setanta. :smiley:

Ah lovely