Kurt Cobain - The Voice of a Generation

We miss you, Kurt!



I never really got Nirvana or Cobain or grunge for that matter.

You weren’t there pal, you’ll never know…

Throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back.

I was alive and starting to enter puberty when Nirvana exploded, granted my musical tastes didn’t develop for another few years but it’s something I could never relate to musically. You look at all the other music movements over the decades and they were full of passion, love or joy - Grunge was just full of resentful angst. Morbid lyrics, shit vocals, loud guitars devoid of melody and heroin-addled self-loathing members.

Shit vocals, loud guitars and an attack on lyrics -all coming from an Oasis fan…get out of here.

[]It’s not an attack on the lyrics as such, just the morbid, hateful and self-loathing outlook of the songs.
]Liam Gallagher 94-00 is probably the greatest vocalist there has been. He also had a presence.
[*]Oasis cranked the guitars up but Noel was a great at structuring/borrowing the melodies.

Where does it say lyrics have to happy go lucky to be enjoyed or considered great?? Liam can’t sing mate, neither could Kurt, but no one ever claimed he could. Noel borrowed alright…

Life isn’t all about slowly walking down the hall faster than a cannonball mate.

Or sisters with blisters.

I love Cobain’s voice.

Lyrics don’t have to be happy but my personal preference would be that music should be uplifting, it should evoke positive emotions in you. I don’t mind songs with sad lyrics, I just don’t like ones of pain/angst - and Liam could sing anyone off the stage in that period.

As do I…but he was hardly a ‘great’ vocalist …but you don’t have to be and it worked. Totti on the other hand claiming Liam was the greatest in the world tho…

No - life is about living.

Maybe I just want to fly
I want to live I don’t want to die
Maybe I just want to breathe
Maybe I just don’t believe
Maybe you’re the same as me
We see things they’ll never see
You and I are gonna live forever

Was there really a grunge movement?

Sort of co-existed with bands like The Pixies, Dinosaur Jnr - were they grunge. I think Black Crowes were out around then and a guitar band.

In this part of the world grunge sort of co-existed with The Stone Roses, the Charlatans, happy Mondays - Madchester scene

Most people liked Nirvana or at least Smells Like Teen Spirit and the unplugged album

Their going mainstream switched guitar music back to mainstream when it was all dance music and probably led to Britpop in that record labels saw “alternative” guitar music could sell

Teenage angst has paid off well

Never liked them. Dislike Kurt’s whiney vocals but I do appreciate his taste in music. Anyone who quotes Neil Young in their suicide note is ok.

Bad of him to leave a 19 month old child, mind. He had no end of money. If he struggled with fame, there’s the door, pal. Tis easy enough disappear and live a quiet life someplace.

A laughable comment.

Liam was a poor man’s Ian Brown. He wouldn’t even crack Manchester’s top 10 of all time.

[QUOTE=“Sandymount Red, post: 927246, member: 1074”]A laughable comment.

Liam was a poor man’s Ian Brown. He wouldn’t even crack Manchester’s top 10 of all time.[/QUOTE]

Idiotic comment. You must be deaf.

Fuck poisoning the thread with your oasis shit totti. Set your own up about those cunts. This is an appreciation of Nirvana and what they did.

They were probably the first real band I got into and would have considered being a fan of. Later on I wondered if it was a rebellious thing, or just a band wagon thing, but listening to their stuff even now and it’s class stuff. Just a shame there wasn’t more.

The needle and the (shotgun) damage done.

He did some service to music by blowing his brains out and freeing dave grohl