La Liga


Awfully tame and boring fare so far.


Benzema header clips the post. Paulinho with a couple of efforts for Barca. 0-0. ‘43.


Hardly a tackle in it.


0-1. Suarez.


Barca a different team in the second half


What was Kovacic at there ignoring Rakitic as he jogged past him with the ball?


King Luis was supposed to be out of form. That’s about five matches in a row he’s scored in now.


Obsessed with keeping an eye on Messi to the side of him to such an extent that he allowed Rakitic to stroll through the gap.


Red card and a penalty. Hand ball on the line by Carvajal after Suarez missed two chances.


Oh yes.


Messi buries it. 0-2.


He should have a hat trick today


Jesus that was some scramble.


Taxi for Zidane.


You can’t score three times from the same chance.


He’s scored one, and missed two further chances.


3-0. Alex Vidal. Mignolet-esque from Navas.

To be fair, Cristiano Ronaldo was a big loss in the second half for Real Madrid.

Full time: Barcelona’s Bitches 0 Barcelona 3.


Refereeing is Spanish football is lunacy. They have zero control over the game, I’m watching the Atletico game now and every single foul is being exaggerated with each team running in numbers after the referee trying to get a booking.


7 yellow cards in the first half.


Diego Costa is box office.