La Segunda División 2019-20 TFKNFLFFL


We are back. Roster below with a wild card to be filled in the next week



Wild card

Divisions are not yet set.

Draft provisionally set for Thursday 29th August 9pm.

Rules will follow.

Iter Iterum

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The League of Gentlemen right there

Wait a minute, 5 fucking Wexicans! WTF?

You were correct the first time.

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If another Wexican gets the wild card it will tilt the league balance from gentlemen to mucksavage

the front runner* for the wild card will tilt the balance in one direction for sure

*not a wexican

Bring back @chocolatemice !

Could we not get someone good instead?

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He got promoted out of the Division.

How dare you Sir! How dare you indeed!

I think the choice before the league is obvious

Self annihilation?

Close but youre not right

The wild card has been filled.

Welcome to the segunda @maroonandwhite.

Iter iterum


Friends, romans, wexford men, lend me your ears


@Chucks_Nwoko does the above draft date suit you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Storrry budddd

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Alright me old mucker. Welcome to the greatest shown on Earth.
Sorry for all the Wexicans, Mullach and CCHA but everyone else here is sound

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For once he’ll be happy with a Wexford official. It probably won’t last too long though.

How’d you manage in Turdville @maroonandwhite ?

This is one of the greatest moments in TFK Hisory. @TreatyStones text me there to say he’s even condidering writing a poem about it

Chief, can you fire me over a league invite