Landlords/Houses/tennants/cunts thread

Lads, who is responsible in a rented house for amenities?
As in are a kettle and toaster things a landlord HAS to provide.
I would have thought it was just utilities. But not sure.


Ye seem like lads who may have owned a house or two or know the ins and outs

Definitely not. Depends on the house

Am which is it?

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You don’t have to provide a kettle or a toaster mate.

Or beds or couches or TVs.

You should be careful not to provide a TV actually as you are liable for the TV licence if you do.

you dont have to provide. some do, some dont, but it is not a legal obligation. The reason some wouldnt is because of the hassle you get with dickhead tenants ringing the whole time saying such and such is on the blink or not working or is dirty etc.

here is your legal/citizens advise proper answer:

Regulation 7 requires private landlords to provide access to:

A washing machine
A clothes-dryer if the dwelling does not have a private garden or yard
They must also provide facilities for cooking and for the hygienic storage of food, to include the following:

4-ring hob with oven and grill
Cooker hood or extractor fan
Fridge and freezer, or a fridge-freezer
Microwave oven
Kitchen cupboards that are suitable and adequate for storing food
Sink with mains water supply, hot water and draining area
For dwellings rented from local authorities and approved housing bodies, the relevant requirements are in Article 7 of the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 1993. This Article requires the landlord to provide facilities for:

Installation of cooking equipment with provision, where necessary, for the safe and effective removal of fumes
Hygienic storage of food
Other requirements
All landlords must provide:

A sink with hot and cold water
A separate room, for the exclusive use of each rented unit, with a toilet, a washbasin and a fixed bath or shower with hot and cold water
A fixed heating appliance in each room, which is capable of providing effective heating and which the tenant can control
A fire blanket and smoke alarms
Access to vermin-proof and pest-proof refuse storage facilities


After reading that, @Mac will be running over to his places taking stuff out of them tonight.


No. You rent a house as you find it and everything in it should be itemised and agreed before you rent it. Some houses are completely unfurnished.

Not 100% clear what you mean by amenities tbh

no serious landlord worth their salt would supply a toaster and a kettle.


Thanks lads. All i needed to know.

I think the term is used to cover things like internet etc


I’ve been mugged off in the past by living in places I rented that didn’t have a washing machine. More fool me.

I’d say you’d be an awful pain in the hole as a tenant.

Its fucking tenant you illiterate cunts


I’m not the tenant. I run the house for a neighbour at home.

I have a gobshite of a millenial snowflake asking for the sun moon and stars. I just want to be able to tell her fuck off. I’ve been too nice to date.

I doubt i ever really complained about anything to landlords outside of something being wrong like water/elec.

I live a simple life. Don’t even have tv


No thats water/gas/washing machines etc. Apparently. I think of parks and kids facilities when i think amenities

Anyway, who cares, got my answers

So we can’t discuss a dislike for Tennants Larger here? Fucking piss so it is.