Laois GAA- bunch of hicks turning on eachother

He’d be in like Flynn if it happened anywhere else , tearing the whole county to pieces .

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@Fagan_ODowd you’re a few days late aul stock

The spirit of Runaway Joe alive and well in Rosenallis

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Game of the weekend on TG4 YouTube for anyone who couldn’t make it to Carlow today like myself

Laois leading 0-9 to 0-8 at the break after appearing to be playing agin the wind. Laois dominating but missing a lot. Carlow have lowered the blade a bit towards the end of the first half so I expect red cards galore in the second.

A Party Marty goal has been replied to with two from Mossy Keyes and Jer Quinlan and Laois are motoring. The yellow cards are still flying here, the row won’t be far away

2-11 to 1-9 to the good guys

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The two Rosenallis boys on the 40 doing wreck, they’re stitching Carlow up like a tractor draw

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Laois up by the 10 now. There’s an air of menace to every Carlow tackle now

Pray for the poor laois lads. They wouldn’t be used to that sort of stuff at all

Willie Dunphy on for a lap of honour here, well deserved.

Mossy Keyes must be the best young hurler currently in the game

Carlow fellas resorting to throwing the hurls now, it’s concerning

Head high challenge after head high challenge raining in on the Laois lads. Yet another yellow card for Carlow.

Black card now for the Carlow full back after he tried to decapitate the latest Rosenallis man on the field, Fiachra C Fennell. It’s nasty stuff

Enda Rowland sees his penalty saved and Willie Dunphy fails with the rebound

Laois by 12. You’d just hope there’s no serious injuries now

Another penalty for Laois, the flaking is through the roof here. I’d take off Paddy Purcell before some Carlow fella kills him.

Laois by 13

Sorry, not a penalty, outside the box. A yellow card given to the Carlow attempted murderer.

Laois by 14.

Blow it up ref, there’s children watching this

A second yellow for Laois’s Aidan Corby, you couldnt blame him for extracting a bit of retribution.


You’re like Joe Duffy tut tutting away here.

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A glorious win for Laois over the filth merchants of Carlow.

I could still see Carlow winning Leinster though.

Laois limp into the McDonagh now hoping to keep it pucked out to Westmeath and Offaly.

Still, two bits of silverware for one of the premiere dual counties in Ireland.

Lovely Laois, I hear you calling….

Huge turnaround for Laois over the last 5 weeks from first Carlow game, 19 point turnaround.

Shur twas all the coaches fault. Once we got rid of them, we were motoring.